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The Serpent of Eighth Hole:

Bitten by a snake beside a golf course water hazard, twelve-year-old Walker rushed it to the hospital.     

Green Mountains Review, November of 2019

042 blacktail sees reflection.jpg


At fifteen he caught a rattlesnake and wondered  about the general consensus that it was disposable.

Porridge Magazine (England), October 2020

168 road-damaged tiger rattler - Picture

While Trout Fishing in the Black River:

A piece that my friend, Jon Friedman ran in his wild bird specialty shop newsletter in April of 2018

The Road Less Traveled:  Highway slaughter of man and beast and a haze of smog over Tucson leads Walker to stop driving decades before climate change makes news.  Canary online Literary Magazine, Spring 2021 issue, at 

190 Tiki.tif

if you want it darker . . .   "A Piss on the Cheek"

A darkly humorous tale from the life that led a man to live alone in a cave.  A pissy moment in the first months as an Army draftee after the final violent confrontation with his father. This received a nomination from the Pushcart Prize committee.  (The picture is of a painting by the writer that seems to capture the mood of the written piece)  Adelaide Literary Magazine

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