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As a child he found escape in nature.  As an adult, he planned to spend a summer in a desert-mountain wilderness.  At summer's end he wandered higher.  He stayed eight years, reflecting on the life that led him to live alone in a cave.

The writer,
Walker Thomas now
photo by Ken Lamberton, in a less-wild park where they meet these days for Ken's writers' workshops 

Walker talks

to himself at home in 1986

In the candlelit dark of his underground bedroom, Walker set his camera on a rock and opened the lens. During a time exposure of two candles, he twice triggered a strobe to get this image . 

005 caveman talks to self.jpg
The why may hold as much intrigue as the experience.

Click on "ABOUT" to read what he wrote in Outside and City Magazines at the time.  More recent  articles about the experience and the long road there are on the "links" page.

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